Village Cabinet Design is here to make your life easier.  When a client calls you to put in a new kitchen, bath or home office, do what you do best: organize and install the project. Let us get the cabinets to the door for you, ready to install.


Whatever type of project your client has in mind, we’ll meet with them to discuss the design and the budget they have to work with. We’ll take accurate site measurements and do a computer-generated plan with our specialized software. Then we’ll present it to the client to discuss changes, allowing us to create a final quote and design.


After we order the cabinets, we verify the order with the manufacturer and arrange delivery to the home. We keep you up to date on each step of the project, so when it comes time to install, you’ll be ready with your crew to begin the project.


Having worked as contractors ourselves, we understand your business. We are your partner, not your competition. We value relationships because they are the foundation of our business and we give you the personal service only a local business can provide. One person owns the job; there are no middlemen to pass the buck to when you want answers to your questions or need more information. It’s the way you work and the way we work too.


Contact us today and see how we make doing projects like kitchens and baths much easier.


Please contact us to explore the possibilities, if you have specific questions, or you just need information. We look forward to working with you.


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