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Village Cabinet Design kitchen



A kitchen Remodel is a big deal. After the dust settles, and you are sitting in your new kitchen with a cup of coffee - are you happy that you worked with me? 

Yes is my goal. 

When you are preparing a meal and you reach for a bowl, a plate or a utensil and it is right where it should be, I have done my job well. Your day is a bit easier, a bit better.

“Home Improvement” is not just a convenient phrase for me. It is the goal that I set for every customer and every job. 

Beginning at a little lumber yard in Millwood NY in the 70s and all through my career I have always been drawn back to the same purpose.  I truly enjoy working with people and the opportunity to help you make your day-to-day life a bit more pleasant through good design, attention to detail and quality products.

For a while I was going to be a computer specialist and after graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute I put on a suit and went to Wall Street selling networks to big financial institutions.  It was not long before that got old for me and I answered an add for a job at National Lumber in Newton, MA.

I have had the pleasure of working for a few companies, always with a goal of learning and sometimes teaching culminating with a position as a divisional level trainer for Home Depot.

Throughout that journey I was always drawn to the heart of the home, the kitchen.  Having installed and designed kitchens for many years I found my ultimate home at Village Cabinet Design, LLC which I started in 2005.

At Village Cabinet Design, LLC I answer to only one boss, you.  I listen carefully to your wishes and with extensive experience and superior product lines I use state of the art computer technology to make those wishes fit into your space, your home.

Please give me a call or contact me through this site.

Thank You,

John Schroeder

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